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Tiny Purity Tourbillon NanoSaphir Chameleon Amber 3.4 LD.jpg
Tiny Purity Tourbillon NanoSaphir Chameleon Green 3.4 LD.jpg
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- Men's Complication -


Tiny Purity Tourbillon
NanoSaphir ChameleoN

With its case carved from a block of NanoSaphir,

this tourbillon watch changes color in a fraction of a second, depending on how it catches ambient light.


Applying cutting-edge technology in watchmaking, Artya presents a case cut from a block of NanoSaphir, a high-tech transparent material whose molecular structure enables it to shift from one color to another.


Amber-orange or bright green, like a chameleon – the effect is stunning as the watch case changes its appearance at the slightest variation in ambient light.


Equipped with the celebrated 'Tiny Purity Tourbillon' movement designed and developed by ArtyA, the watch comes in a new diameter of 39mm, more discreet than the original 46mm of the first Purity Tourbillon.

116_Tiny Purity Tourbillon Chameleon Green Fond Blanc LD.jpg
116_Tiny Purity Tourbillon Chameleon Amber Fond Blanc LD.jpg

For 7 years now, ArtyA has stood out for its mastery in working with sapphire crystal, demonstrating craftsmanship of unrivalled creativity, precision and meticulousness – a testament to the brand’s exceptional expertise in this field.


As one of the very first to adopt sapphire crystal for watch cases in 2016, ArtyA soon made it an essential choice. That is because the material offers both perfect transparency, making it possible to admire the beauty of mechanical movements, and remarkable resistance to scratches and shocks, ensuring unprecedented durability and longevity. Sapphire is a crystal of extraordinary hardness, the third hardest natural material after diamond and moissanite on the Mohs scale.


The NanoSaphir Chameleon presented here by ArtyA is a unique, high-tech, polycrystalline, tinted synthetic sapphire that undergoes a series of treatments to enhance its optical properties. Here, the material is treated at the molecular level to enable it to react to ambient light, while always guaranteeing absolute clarity.

The result is striking. Each case has its own color combination (always a pair). Depending on whether the case is exposed to natural light or artificial light (6500 Kelvin or above), amber-orange becomes vivid green on this model.

119_Tiny Chameleon Green Back LD.jpg
119_Tiny Chameleon Ambre Back LD.jpg

The color change makes for an especially compelling effect on the wrist; it celebrates the perfect alliance between the latest sapphire technology and the timeless elegance of a tourbillon movement.


Committed to creating exceptional timepieces and building on its expertise in the application of NanoSaphir, ArtyA has positioned itself as an avant-garde brand, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking – to create innovative and fascinating pieces. This mastery of sapphire reflects ArtyA's dedication to excellence and constant desire to surprise and amaze enthusiasts the world over.

A new, smaller, completely redesigned Tiny Purity Tourbillon movement

The new 2023 iteration in the Purity Tourbillon series represents a complete overhaul of ArtyA’s celebrated double-barrel flying tourbillon movement. The goal was to reduce the watch's original size from a mighty diameter of 46mm to a lighter, airier 39 millimeters – and open more possibilities for showcasing the Purity Tourbillon.


For its development, Yvan Arpa joined forces with the team at Telos in a partnership built on technical skills, shared values and a vibrant creative dynamic.

Together, they succeeded in dramatically reducing the size of the Tourbillon Purity by 7 mm, creating the masterpiece that is the Tiny Purity Tourbillon.


To make this possible, they repositioned the dial at 3 o'clock with a fully skeletonized display. The parallel-mounted double barrel is housed under the dial, retaining its original size to maintain an appreciable 72-hour power reserve.


Although the case diameter is now significantly smaller, the tourbillon cage retains its substantial size of 17 mm (representing no less than 44% of the total dial volume). Entirely hand-chamfered, the visual effect of its imposing presence seems amplified tenfold.


The tourbillon now benefits from a traditional adjustment with a fixed stud holder that replaces the raquetterie. The entire assembly was modified, down to the smallest detail, with new Incabloc and inertia-block balance..

The entire movement has benefited from the highest possible level of finishing. No detail has been left to chance, and every angle has been worked by hand.

Finitions Tiny Purity Tourbillon Eng LD.jpg

Technical Specifications


Tiny Purity Tourbillon, NanoSaphir Chameleon



Hours, minutes, seconds on the flying tourbillon






Made from NanoSaphir Chameleon
(color-shifting from amber-orange to vivid green)



Open, screw-in


Water resistance

3 ATM, equivalent to 30 meters,


Latest generation 2023 movement,

developed, designed and manufactured in Switzerland

exclusively for ArtyA

Flying tourbillon movement with double barrel (for high chronometric reliability)

Oversized tourbillon cage, 17mm in diameter

Skeleton design, for a pure, minimalist look.



4 Hz (a higher frequency than usual for a tourbillon, ensuring greater stability)


Power reserve

72 hours

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