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About ArtyA


Yvan Arpa, Artya's watch brand creator

In the heart of Geneva, amidst the traditional charm and sophisticated elegance of Swiss watchmaking, stands a brand that defies convention.


Founded in 2009 by Yvan Arpa, ArtyA is challenging the field of time measurement with its raw creative force of unbounded limits.

The former maths teacher has made major contributions to some of the watch industry’s greatest successes, in which he has evolved over 30 years of expertise, leading him today to run his own independent and authentic watch brand.


With ArtyA, he has embarked on a path of artistic freedom, combining his in-depth knowledge of watchmaking with an audacious creative spirit to bring to life works of art that tell the time.

Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, Yvan’s creative and life partner, brings her exceptional artistic talent to the ArtyA collections.

Since the brand’s inception, she has been creating unique dials using a plethora of artistic techniques never before seen in the watchmaking industry.

From the use of butterfly wings and seaweed to gold leaf and natural pigments or diamond dust, Dominique’s work on watch dials reflects ArtyA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional watch design.

Dominique Arpa-Cirpka
ArtyA Ateliers in Geneva, Switzerland
logo artya noir sans geneve.png


Operating from its own ateliers in Geneva, ArtyA stands proud as a fully independent brand, with a nimble and highly responsive team.


This autonomy allows ArtyA to delve into the realms of innovation and exclusivity, creating timepieces that are as unconventional as they are captivating.

ArtyA boutique in Geneva, Switzerland

ArtyA's masterpieces are recognized worldwide for their distinctive style, merging passion, creativity, and luxury with pure, uncompromising emotion.

From the simplest of designs to the most complex mechanisms like tourbillons and minute repeaters, ArtyA masters every facet of traditional watchmaking, all the while continuing to evolve and surprise.

As we celebrate the remarkable journey of ArtyA, we invite you to discover a world where timekeeping transcends the ordinary, where each watch tells a story of artistic defiance and extraordinary craftsmanship.


Welcome to ArtyA, where the philosophy is simple yet profound: "Vita brevis; Ars longa" – Life is short, but art endures.

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