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Mastering Materials


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Innovative Materials in Horology

Welcome to the essence of ArtyA's innovation, where groundbreaking materials meet unparalleled craftsmanship.


Our journey into the exploration of extraordinary materials like sapphire crystal, NanoSaphir, moissanite, and carbon fibers underscores our dedication to pushing the limits of traditional watchmaking.


Discover how these materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of our timepieces but also their durability, functionality, and overall brilliance.

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The clarity of innovation


For over seven years, ArtyA has led the charge in utilizing sapphire crystal in watchmaking.


Recognized for its unparalleled transparency and scratch resistance, sapphire crystal allows for the beauty of mechanical movements to be displayed in all their glory, ensuring longevity and resilience.


Our mastery in this field reflects our commitment to combining aesthetic perfection with enduring quality.

Colors of innovation


The NanoSaphir Chameleon, a marvel of our collection, showcases a high-tech polycrystalline sapphire that changes color under different lighting conditions.


This material, treated at the molecular level, embodies the fusion of the latest sapphire technology with horological elegance.


It's a stunning testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, creating timepieces that are not just tools of timekeeping but also of awe-inspiring beauty.

A stellar brilliance

ArtyA takes pride in presenting the world's first watch case made from moissanite, a material almost as hard as diamond and known for its brilliant fire and scintillation.


This extraterrestrial mineral, discovered in a meteorite crater, exhibits an extraordinary rainbow of colors due to its high dispersion index.


The Purity Moissanite showcases this dazzling material's unique beauty, blending it with cutting-edge design to create a timepiece that truly stands out.

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