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ArtyA Sapphire Collection

For several years now, ArtyA has been specializing in developing ever more innovative and original sapphire cases. From full transparent white sapphire to nano-sapphire that changes color depending on the light, the Geneva-based brand is constantly developing this collection based on a material that is as noble as it is demanding in terms of skills. From diving to squelletted movements, through butterfly wing dials, discover all the pieces made in this exceptional collection. 


As an expression of ArtyA’s horological grammar, the Purity Tourbillon displays a technical inventiveness that combines a maverick style with visual clarity. A beautifully balanced architectural ensemble, the manually wound caliber features an over-sized flying tourbillon with a diameter of 17 mm which is at least 50% larger than most existing tourbillons.

Son of Sea.jpg

ArtyA is proud to present this brand-new collection, as deep as it is bright. With these pieces intended for recreational scuba diving, ArtyA wished to perpetuate its tradition of uniqueness and originality to its expertise in sapphire crystal. As with every creation, ArtyA has sought to link technical achievements with artistic wonder.


A full crystal case perfectly transparent in order to maximize the see trough effect of different exclusive and patented ArtyA skeletonized movements ©. The aim of a skeleton is to reveal the movement, workings and mechanical beauty in all their glory. Once again, ArtyA reconciles extremes and opens up a new creative path, combining a movement clad in the absolute minimum with the transparency of white or colored crystal case.

These watches don’t simply reproduce the design, style and colour of a butterfly. Under the strict control of the relevant authorities, and with their full consent, artist D. Arpa-Cirpka successfully incorporated genuine butterfly wings, natural pigments, gold leaves, and many other naturals elements into the dial to create ever more unique art pieces. All of ArtyA’s DNA is distilled in these timepieces: unique, tailor-made watches that are highly creative – and completely unprecedented in the field of watchmaking.

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