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Dome Collection

The embodiment of the Son of Earth collection

ArtyA Dome Jupiter.jpeg

The Son of Earth collection is well known for offering collectors a piece of life and nature at the very heart of its timepiece. The new series being introduced today with these first two models is the epitome of this. They feature pieces of art as well as Mother Nature's first creation, real pieces of rock. The rarest and most noble rocks will be featured in this collection, which is only just beginning.

boitier dome artya.jpg

To be able to admire the shine of nature on your wrist, ArtyA has designed a new dome case. Its large opening and its globe effect give the impression of contemplating a celestial body. Its pure and modern design will magnify the colors and the relief of the natural dial.

To create this new design, ArtyA's creator, Yvan Arpa, called on his son, Jérémie Arpa, himself a designer. A family collaboration that gives birth to a timeless dome case ready to house many pieces.

The new dome case

ArtyA Dome Borealis.jpeg
ArtyA Dome Eclipse.jpeg

Earth Dome

Dome Earth logo LD.jpg

The first piece presented is none other than the "Earth Dome". Crysocholla was chosen to represent the blue planet. This stone, reputed to protect against negative energies and bring inner peace, corresponds perfectly to the values advocated by the Geneva brand. The wearer will feel the energy spread by this rock and will be able to contemplate it from all angles.

A second piece is available with a steel case with black DLC treatment.

Mars Dome

The second timepiece presented in this first draft is a limited edition art piece linked to our neighbouring planet, Mars. It is a unique, innovative and proprietary process that uses a dome-shaped mould and a special press to shape this dial. After manual engraving and galvanic treatment, it takes almost 10 hours of manual colouring to bring this dial to life. This makes it possible to have a rendering so close to the surface of the red planet. Its unique colour and its fiery reflections give this dial a power and magic that is surely felt by its wearer.

Dome March logo LD.jpg
Dome Black Earth logo LD.jpg

Black Earth Dome

The third and final piece in this first edition is the only one with a dome case with black DLC treatment. The contrast created with the colours of the dial brings out the heart of this timepiece, the Crysocholla. This blue crystal has been honoured for a second time because of its positive benefits and energy.

Jupiter Dome

Borealis Dome

Eclipse Dome

This new piece, as intriguing as it is radiant will undoubtedly catch the eye of enthusiasts. Its dial with its sandy appearance looks like the surface of the most massive planet in our solar system, Jupiter. A natural and unique achievement that still embodies the DNA of the Son of Earth collection.

This third novelty offers a dial with splendid green reflections reminiscent of the most beautiful aurora borealis. This most bewitching effect is made possible by the Malachite that shapes this painting. This stone with soothing properties will increase the self-confidence and the positive feelings of its wearer. A piece that is as as beautiful as it is beneficial.

The most mysterious and subtle of the pieces presented in this collection is undoubtedly the Dome Eclipse. Its Obsidian dial is naturally deep black and will instantly create a picture as elegant as it is captivating. This protective volcanic stone, which harmonises inner thoughts, has a clear sobriety at first glance and then allows its owner time to discover the complexity of its reliefs.

Technical specifications

- Case: 316L stainless steel dome with or without black DLC treatment


- Dial: Curved and handmade with natural material


- ArtyA Automatic and exclusive ArtyOn Swiss high-end movement


- Curved hands


- Engraved and screwed open back


- Triple anti-reflective treatment on the domed sapphire


- Hours, minutes, seconds


- Power reserve: 42 H


- Size: 41 mm


- High quality handmade leather strap.


- Swiss made


- Price:          

Limited edition: 9'900 CHF

Unique piece: 12'900 CHF

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