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Tiny Purity Tourbillon

Large LD.jpg

Small version
of a masterpiece


The latest edition of the Purity Tourbillon series has undergone a total redesign of its spectacular exclusive manufactured double-barrel flying tourbillon. Following the complete reworking of the entire movement, the high complication piece has been reduced from an imposing 46 mm to a light and airy 39 mm.


For the development of this magnificent mechanism, Franck Orny and his team joined Yvan Arpa and his team in a constructive partnership of skills, a sharing of values, and a beautiful creative vibratory dynamic.

Purity Tourbillon 46 mm                                  Tiny Purity Tourbillon 39 mm

7 mm is the reduction that the Purity Tourbillon underwent to become the masterpiece that is the Tiny Purity Tourbillon. To make this possible, the dial has been moved to 3 o'clock with a fully skeletonized display. It is under this modern dial that we find the double barrel in parallel. They too have managed to keep their original size to maintain an exceptional power reserve of 72 hours.

A concentrate
of innovation

Despite this drastic reduction in the size of the case, the tourbillon cage remains unchanged to further impose its 17 mm diameter, 44% of the total volume of the piece. The effect of the tourbillon that emerges from this exceptional piece is increased tenfold. It now benefits from a traditional adjustment with a fixed stud that replaces the entire raquetterie. The tourbillon cage has been entirely handbeveled with exceptional finishing. Modifications down to the smallest details with new Incabloc and balance with inertia block. These latest majestic horological modifications have been made to perfect and enhance our Tiny Purity Tourbillon movement:

Finitions Tiny Purity Tourbillon Eng LD.jpg

Chameleon Tiny Purity Tourbillon

The changing color case, made according to an innovative and avant-garde process developed by ArtyA, is adorned in this masterpiece with a great skeletonized movement to maximize the transparency of the piece and the impressive effect of the color change.


The nano-sapphire case is able to change color depending on the light. In natural light, the "Chameleon" case has a first color, but when exposed to artificial light (6500K or above), the case instantly and completely changes color to a translucent, mysterious green.

ArtyA Tiny Purity Tourbillon Chameleon LD.jpg

NanoSapphire Bicolor, World Premiere

ArtyA is the specialist in high quality watch cases made entirely of sapphire. After years of research and development, ArtyA is proud to present a new world first: NanoSapphire cases that are entirely two-tone in the mass :




- full sapphire crystal or nano-sapphire crystal.

- Size: 39 mm

- back open and screwed

- Water resistance to 30 meters



- Completely redesigned ArtyA exclusive double barrel tourbillon

- An incredible skeletonized design, with a skeletonization to the extreme: minimalist and pure.

- Very high chronometric reliability due to the torque of the double barrels 4 Hz, much higher than most existing tourbillons, providing stability.

- Oversized tourbillon with a diameter of 17mm

- Hour, Minutes, Seconds on flying tourbillon

- Power reserve: 72h


White sapphire crystal:         125'000 CHF

Chameleon case:                         155'000 CHF

NanoSapphire Bicolor:          165'000 CHF

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