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With its expert mastery of sapphire crystal workmanship, ArtyA presents a "shaped" Tourbillon watch with a new tonneau-shaped case of sleek, ergonomic construction.


The Purity Tourbillon movement has been entirely redesigned to fit the tonneau shape of the case. With its perfect axial symmetry and crown at 12 o'clock, it is the fruit of collaboration between the ArtyA and Telos teams.

As one of the first brands in 2016 to adopt sapphire crystal for its watch cases, ArtyA quickly made it an essential choice, as the material offers both perfect transparency, enabling the beauty of mechanical movements to be admired from every angle, and remarkable scratch resistance, enabling exemplary durability and longevity. Sapphire is a crystal with an extraordinary hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale (5.5 for traditional glass), the third hardest natural material after diamond and moissanite on the Mohs scale.


Sapphire has always been used for its protective virtues and to benefit from the positive energies it spreads.

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The illusion of simplicity


While the vast majority of watches are round, ArtyA can easily think outside the box by proposing new shapes, including the so-called "tonneau".


Its generous volumes and shapes, cut from a block of sapphire crystal that fits the wrist perfectly, and ArtyA's years of experience in the field have made it possible to create this sophisticated case with a bold look that stands out from conventional watches.


Its curved, profiled sides create a design that is both elegant and technical. The curved angles allow double appreciation of the immense 17 mm 4Hz tourbillon floating in its center at 6 o'clock. The case is harmoniously sized at 38.5 x 43 mm. The curved shape of the whole offers an interesting alternative, with its softer, more ergonomic lines than round or rectangular models, a design by Jérémie Arpa, son of Yvan Arpa.

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The Curvy Purity Tourbillon movement, redesigned for the Tonneau shape



The fruit of close collaboration between Telos and ArtyA, the Curvy movement is the latest addition to ArtyA's family of manufactured Purity Tourbillon calibers, here entirely redesigned to fit the watch's singular tonneau-shaped case.


Recognizable by its remarkable axial symmetry and crown positioned at 12 o'clock, the Curvy Purity Tourbillon movement can be considered as the culmination of the collection.


Its immense 17mm flying tourbillon has been positioned at 6 o'clock to allow ideal viewing of its rotation. Thanks to its double barrel mounted in parallel, it offers an appreciable 72-hour power reserve.


Above the double barrel, one can admire the meticulous skeletonization work. Cast-iron sandblasting and hand-bevelling provide an optimized display for clear reading of the time

Finitions Curvy Purity Tourbillon LD.jpg
ArtyA Curvy Purity 3.4 Side BD.jpg

Technical Specifications


Curvy Purity Tourbillon



Hours, minutes, seconds on the flying tourbillon



38.5 x 43 mm


Made from pure Sapphire 



Open and screwed

Water resistance

3 ATM, equivalent to 30 meters,


Skeletonized Tourbillon double barrel manufacture

Completely redesigned

Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland exclusively for ArtyA


Oversized tourbillon 17 mm in diameter, positioned at 6 o'clock

High chronometric reliability thanks to double barrel torque


4 Hz (a higher frequency than usual for a tourbillon, ensuring greater stability)


Power reserve

72 hours

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