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A cutting edge material : tinted ‘NanoSaphir’ to create a pure, totally transparent case aesthetic.


A color : Emerald Green, symbolizing joy, optimism, bravery and courage, reflects the creative energy of Dubai. A nod also to the flag of the UAE, unifying the seven emirates.


An all-new Manufacture movement : Curvy Purity Tourbillon, entirely redesigned, the tonneau-shaped case features perfect axial symmetry, a crown positioned at 12 o'clock, and an oversized tourbillon that is a visual delight. The 'Curvy Purity Tourbillon' movement is the latest addition to the ArtyA movement family.

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ArtyA is presenting an exceptional timepiece for Dubai Watch Week. Crafted from exclusive NanoSaphir material, it features the completely redesigned Curvy Purity Tourbillon movement. Here, it seems to float weightlessly in the transparent, emerald-green tinted case. Both aesthetically and technically this piece is a distillation of ArtyA's horological expertise, and a highlight of this year’s premier watchmaking event.


For this new case ArtyA applied innovative NanoSaphir technology, which allows for tinting sapphire at the molecular level for an effect simply unattainable by coating treatments. At the forefront of material sciences innovation, noble yet resistant, it makes possible hues that are much more intense than conventional sapphire. The rich emerald green achieved here is powerful. A nod to the flag of the United Arab Emirates, it symbolizes the creative dynamism, joy, optimism, bravery, and courage that are associated with Dubai.


The case's elegant shape, with its harmoniously proportioned volume and curvature, is designed to hug the wrist, ensuring optimal comfort. Its contoured sides blend elegance with technical prowess, creating a distinctive profile. The gracefully curved angles offer a dual vantage point for admiring the large 17.2-millimeter 4 Hz tourbillon that appears to levitate at the center.


With curved, supple, ergonomic lines, and harmonious dimensions of 38.5 x 43 mm, Jérémie Arpa, son of Yvan Arpa, has crafted a designer timepiece that commands an attractive presence. It stands as an intriguing alternative to the conventional round or rectangular models.

Culminating several years of development, the Curvy movement is the newest member of the Purity Tourbillon family of Manufacture created exclusively for ArtyA. Distinguished by its striking axial symmetry and a crown at 12 o'clock, the Curvy Purity Tourbillon movement represents the apex of technical and aesthetic innovation for the Purity collection.


The tourbillon, grand in scale at 17.2 mm, takes flight at the 6 o'clock position, offering an optimal view of its rotation. Its parallel-mounted double barrel delivers a substantial 72-hour power reserve. The movement proper, situated above, has been meticulously skeletonized, magnifying its particular visual appeal. The iron-sandblasted and hand-beveled finishes add to its beauty, and the optimized display to its legibility.


The Curvy Purity Tourbillon NanoSaphir Emerald transcends mere timekeeping to become a masterpiece of both technology and design. Its compelling aesthetic commands attention with a bold and assertive style – the ultimate synthesis of exceptional watchmaking and unparalleled beauty.

The Curvy Purity Tourbillon movement, crowning a collection

Finitions Curvy Purity Tourbillon LD.jpg

Technical Specifications


Curvy Purity Tourbillon NanoSaphir Emerald



Hours, minutes, seconds on the flying tourbillon



38.5 x 43 mm


Made from NanoSaphir, Emerald Green 



Open and screwed

Water resistance

3 ATM, equivalent to 30 meters,


Skeletonized Tourbillon double barrel manufacture

Completely redesigned

Designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland exclusively for ArtyA


Oversized tourbillon 17.2 mm in diameter, positioned at 6 o'clock

High chronometric reliability thanks to double barrel torque


4 Hz (a higher frequency than usual for a tourbillon, ensuring greater stability)


Power reserve

72 hours

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