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must be one of the most audacious and creative watch creators on the planet…


 No one in this so very conservative watch industry has managed to move so much in so little time.

According to Hodinkee and due to his incredible life history "Yvan Arpa is a strong candidate to be the Most interesting Man in the World, Swiss Edition"


He has strongly contributed to some of the biggest success stories in the watch industry. He owns his own free-spirited independant brand called


A supremely talented artist and Yvan’s wife, Dominique has created since 2009 unique and elaborate dials for several of ArtyA’s watch collections. She has realized a full series of never-before-seen dials, using a myriad of artistic techniques and designs, mixing historical and modern non-conformist methods and unique materials, including the use of butterfly wings, gold leaves, seaweed, natural pigments, blood, painting and more. Despite the constraints of the tiny watch dials, she has been able to create works of art that the watch industry has never seen before.

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