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A New Symphony in Watchmaking


Minute repeater swiss watch by ArtyA


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The ultimate complication, mastered and reimagined in various forms

Two distinctive universes, three unique executions


The independent Swiss brand is making a name for itself with the queen complication of watchmaking: the minute repeater.

Three new unique timepieces have just left the Geneva workshops, equipped with the tourbillon minute repeater movement developed as a tribute to MHC and its talented watchmaker Pierre Favre. 

The ArtyA Chorus Minute Repeater is a direct descendant of the 3-gong minute repeater, regulator, and double-axis tourbillon – the most complex piece ever developed by the Geneva-based manufacture.

It inherits its predecessor’s characteristic case, yet is modernized and reduced in size.

The ArtyA Skeleton Minute Repeater is a reinterpretation of the round titanium model created for the celebrated ‘Lion’s Head’ and ‘Death is Calling’ two unique pieces developed specifically to bring out the resonating movement’s exceptional sound.

This new iteration offers two one-off versions in a sandblasted case that houses a fully skeletonized caliber to highlight its beating heart.



The Sound of a Cathedral on Your Wrist

One design, one sound, one touch – a unique piece, without compromise.

The perfect alliance of geometric elegance and the harmony of time: a horological masterpiece that, with its bold design and exquisitely precise mechanism, elevates every moment of your life. This creation enriches the Complications collection, a testament to the innovative spirit of its founder, Yvan Arpa.

The ArtyA Chorus Minute Repeater’s case evolved from the iconic ArtyA 3 Gongs Minute Repeater with Regulator. Clad in sapphire crystal on all sides, the case is truly a work of art. ArtyA’s sapphire savoir-faire and extensive experience in creating complete cases in this material made it possible to craft a superior curved crystal – to a degree that was not achievable on the original. Indeed, modernizing the case has given the piece a timelessness all its own.

Artya Chorus Minute repetition tourbillon watch
ArtyA Chorus Minute Repeater watches.webp

Chorus Minute Repeater

Dimensions : 44.20 mm x 42.30 mm x 16.14 mm
The case was inspired by habitats designed for living on the ocean floor.

Every aspect of the choice of materials and shapes serves the goal of achieving unparalleled richness and clarity of sound. 

The skeletonized chapter ring hovers above the levitating tourbillon, giving this piece a unique sense of depth.

Handcrafted leather strap with ArtyA’s hallmark stitching.

365'000 CHF / 377'000 € / 406'000 USD


ArtyA Logo sans Geneve.png

An anthem to advanced watchmaking


Creating a minute repeater requires meticulous craftsmanship. Assembling the hammers, gongs, and levers demands unparalleled precision to ensure a harmonious chime with rich, distinct notes. The sandblasted titanium case is designed to enhance reverberation, with the domed sapphire crystal creating a magnificent resonance chamber. 

In pursuit of perfect sound quality, the goal of these final pieces was to couple the auditory experience with a visual ballet. Here, the exceptional technical sophistication of the movement – already highly advanced – has been laid bare in skeletonized form.

This allows for the rare and fabulous sight of its inner workings in action. Enabling the beholder to appreciate the craftsmanship through a skeletonized movement is an honor for the watchmaker who designed it, as their work is displayed in its purest form.

ArtyA Skeleton Minute Repeater watch.webp

Skeleton Minute Repeater

Exclusive Yvan Arpa design that reinterprets the classic minute repeater with advanced crystal case technology to enhance the purity and power of sound
Fully openworked dial
Sandblasted titanium case in gray or black (DLC treatement)
Case dimensions: 42 mm
Two anti-reflective sapphire crystals, front and back
Open case back
Titanium and gold

Handcrafted alligator strap with ArtyA’s hallmark stitching

365'000 CHF / 377'000 € / 406'000 USD

The ArtyA

The complex mechanism of the minute repeater is designed to tell time through sound. Master watchmakers invented this device in an age when their clients didn’t have the convenience of a light switch: when the candles went out, the only way to tell time was through a chime.


On the ArtyA minute repeater movement, the bridges were carefully designed and hand-angled with the help of an acoustics engineer to optimize the propagation of sound waves for power and purity.

Minute Repeater Movement

Movement & Functions
Functions: Hours, minutes, minute repeater, seconds on flying tourbillon
Chime: Traditional ‘Saint Pierre’ gongs
Tourbillon: One-minute flying tourbillon, balance wheel with gold timing screws (1 turn/minute) 
Time indications: hours, inutes, seconds on the tourbillon. 

Dimensions & Performance
Movement height without module: 6.10 mm 
Movement height overall: 9.80 mm
Movement height with hands: 10.55 mm
Components: 317 
Jewels and shock protection systems: 29 
Power reserve: 90 hours (tolerance from 0 to 3 hours)
Balance wheel frequency: 21,600 vibrations per hour (3 Hertz)


Technical Details
Tourbillon diameter: 13.60 mm
Torque: 860 g/mm
Barrel revolutions: 15 
One barrel revolution time every 8 hours
Escapement wheel: 15 teeth
Balance wheel inertia: 10 g/cm2
Cage weight: 0.70 grams
Movement finish: Blue case back, ArtyA-specific titanium bridges with gold engravings


Chime Activation
Repeater slide: located at 9 o’clock
Slide travel: 37°

Crown with Two Positions
Position 1: Winding
Position 2 (crown pulled out): Time setting
Winding stem travel: 0.85 mm

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