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ArtyA 3 Gongs Minute Repeater, Regulator & Double Axis Tourbillon.jpg
ArtyA Minute Repeater Tourbillon Lion.jpg


From the Minute Repeater to the Perpetual Calendar, including tourbillon chronos. Among these exceptional movements is a world first, a regulator movement equipped with a minute repeater and a two-axis tourbillon. A concentrate of technologies still unique in the world. The piece visible here on the left is a tourbillon minute repeater with a perfectly pure, harmonious and very powerful sound thanks to a unique glassbox construction.


ArtyA may never fall into line, but it’s definitely entering the race! The "Race" is its first timepiece to draw inspiration from the world of auto racing. Responding to popular demand on the part of its clients with a keen interest in the sport, ArtyA has produced few very limited editions of 99 watches and unique pieces 1/1.

Race 250 Gto
ArtyA Race 5n OZ.jpg
SOE Gold Tobacco LD.jpg

Son of Earth

Mother Nature inspires this Collection, with a hand-­‐made dial featuring tropical butterfly wings, seabed treasures, natural pigments, tobacco, gold leaves, spiders, fish scales, and paintings. Over 17 different techniques have been developed, many never used before in the watch industry. Each dial is completely unique and a genuine miniature work of art.

Son of Gears

This collection is a tribute to the age-­‐old know-­‐how of the watch industry. Here you will find some reinterpretations of the classics of watchmaking, such as a wonderful exclusive skeletonized mechanical movement that looks like the Sun, a Star, or the Edelweiss flower. On some other models, gears, wheels, and electronic parts take control over the watch, invading in the dial, bezel and case.

LD Artya_SHAMS_mat_black_noir.jpg
Son of Gears Golden Star .jpg
Big Skull
Ld SOS_Guitar_Iron_Master_24Janaury2015.jpg

Son of Sound

The Son of Sound masterpiece is the fruit of three years of development. No fewer than seven patents protect the revolutionary guitar­‐shaped case. It will catch the eye of any watch collector or music-­lover. A real Arpa‐esque revelation, bold and passionate, with a healthy dose of an avant‐garde. Beneath the hand-­‐stretched strings, a Sliding Hour counter and a date indicator appear. There is nothing decorative about the four tuning pegs: they activate the Swiss Made Automatic Woodstock chronograph movement, crafted by Concepto and protected by a unique and patented Active Tuning Pegs System (ATPS). It has a power reserve of 48 hours. A variety of magnificent dials and case finishings are available. 

Son of Sea

As Thalès said, water is the primary originating principle of everything and ArtyA could not resist to give its modest tribute and vision with its latest Son of Sea from the powerful, fragile, serene and beautiful Seas.

son of Sea Capri Blue.jpg
Son of Sea Set LD front.jpg
Mother of Pearl Engraved.jpg

Son of Art

The absence of boundaries and limitless creativity are the keywords of this collection. Each dial is a true miniature – and a unique work of hand-made art. Some Son of Arts bezels are hand-made by the best engravers, other cases have literally been struck by a real lightning bolt created by a huge Tesla Coil, sculpting and coloring each watch completely differently from any other, ever.

Son of Gun

Son of a Gun watches are the first ever to contain real bullets (from 6 mm to 44 Magnum) and cartridges. Five different patents protect this collection. Their message can be summarized as: ‘Guns don’t always kill people, time always does. You see the time but you don’t know yours, so enjoy life – every minute of it. Carpe Diem’

The Son of a Gun (SOG) collection is composed of :

The original SOG in steel, black or alternatively, PVD, has a 47 mm case with real bullets suspended inside the watch, and an engraved target on the bezel and dial. The mini automatic Swiss movement oscillating mass at the back is made using real cartridges to further enhance this masterpiece.

LD SOG_Blue_n_bullets_21Janaury2015.jpg
LD Son_of_a_gun black edition tricolor.jpg

The Bicolor SOG also features ArtyOr, a new, patented alloy manufactured with gold, zinc, and copper taken from used bullet cartridges, and an added target on both bezel and dial.

The SOG target has a very pure design with NO Bullets – just an engraved target to serve as a daily reminder of your life objectives, your target.

The SOG Werewolf features a silver bullet, hand-forged on the night of a full moon and aims to keep modern-day vampires at bay.

The SOG Russian Roulette features a fast-spinning dial with six apertures, mirroring the bullet chambers on a six-shooter – and only one is set with a real bullet. An entirely skeletonized, mechanical, patented movement (namely the ArtyA 357) recreates the shape of a revolver barrel, adding a new dimension to this 44 classic case that also includes different kind of lateral inserts.

Bico riot détourée.png
ArtyA Target Classic Acier.jpg
Target 4
Persuader 2
Zombie Killer
Russian Roulette black artyor ld.jpg
Russian roulette steel full black ld _edited.jpg
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